When You Were 17

The ’17’ video was one of 2 that we filmed on the same day. We filmed a video for the song ‘Ruination’ and had about an hour left so did ‘When You were 17” as well, it was filmed in a studio in Brixton by Stuart ’Studley ‘ Stirling, he’s filmed us live a few times and has a very distinctive style where he uses lots of quick cuts. The first edit he did was a bit too comedic, no wonder considering how much we were clowning around, but we got him to make it a bit more serious looking. The skinhead in the video is Taylun Watts and he was filmed by our drummer Ant Overman in Nottingham. I asked Ant to get swagger, bravado and vulnerability from Taylun and Paul suggested he film him shaving, looking in the mirror and squeezing imaginary spots. Taylun went the extra mile and shaved his head on camera and I think Ant has definitely captured what I saw in my mind’s eye and more, he is very talented.

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