Ace of Spades

In January 2021 we decided to record  ‘Ace Of Spades’ ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ and ‘No Class’ and give them the Vice-O-Lation treatment including lap steel guitar, Honky Tonk piano and brass. The aim was to inject some foot tapping goodness into proceedings and literally put the ‘Count’ in Country……

You can’t out-Motorhead Motorhead so we knew we had to try a completely different style to the originals. We found that beneath the Rock and Roll bombast lay great songwriting so it was a pleasure to record the songs.

Once the songs were finished we needed to find somewhere to film accompanying videos, and bless ‘im, Noel our old mucker from the Croydon Cartoon days very kindly agreed to let us use his venue The Cavern in Raynes Park, South London.

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