Vice Squad – Rooms At The Top CD EP

NEW CD EP and video – ‘Rooms at the Top’ – featuring 4 songs ‘Rooms at The top’ ‘Keyboard warriors of Genghis Khan’ ‘Voice Of the people 2022’ and ‘Scarred For Life (Reboot)’ . The first 200 copies come with special edition Vice Squad Champagne label sticker.

This is a strictly LIMITED EDITION CD 300 copies.

Vice Squad are back from lockdown acoustics to electric guitars – loud, proud and political with ‘Rooms At the Top’, the half-time chorus is a real stomper and is instantly memorable, ‘Keyboard Warriors of Genghis Khan’ opens with a soundscape of warrior vocalists and then crashes into a theramin enhanced guitar riff before telling of the sad but all too prevalent on line bullying and trolling that pollutes social media. Chants of ‘ 2 4 6 8 who don’t you hate’? rouse the rebels.

‘Voice of the People 2022’ is a re-recording of a song that made it’s debut on the Defiant album in 2007. The incessant chug of the guitar riff drives the song into a roaring Punk Rock singalong chorus – an absolute beast of a song.
‘Scarred For Life (Reboot)’ has all the spit and fury of the original but is deeper, darker and heavier, a proper steel toe capped stomper.

image of Vice Squad Rooms at the Top Pink CD EP
Vice Squad Rooms at the Top Pink CD EP


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