Beki: ‘I wrote the lyrics to ‘Pulling Teeth’ when I had toothache caused by a dentist who was over zealous with the drill, hence the opening line ‘The abscessed gum of the shitty scene’.
Toothache is never fun but when you add in the seemingly never ending frustrations of trying to run a band it’s beyond tedious. I think Paul had already written the music and I really liked the ominous sounding riff as we didn’t have anything else that sounded like it.
I’m sure most people can relate to the song, from time to time we all have to work with incompetent people who seem to exist just to frustrate everyone else.’

Fungal Punk Review
‘Pulling Teeth’ needs to be a contrast, needs to oppose its predecessor and yet compliment it in the same gasping breath. It does just that! The metallic start, the salivating, acute and revved up vocals are all slapped into our expectant mush with great effulgent gumption that releases a distinct frustration with the idlers, disorganised and time-wasting twats who make the simple things in life so ruddy tortuous. To play a gig, to deliver one’s noise should be, in theory, pretty straight forward, but like in all areas of life, the best way to do things is your own way and use as few external elements as possible. DIY is the way, without it one can end up in huge gnarled knots of disgruntlement which is no good at all. A fine kick-out to finish this, powerful and in yer face – magic.

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