Back in March 2023 we decided to make three videos for Beki’s solo EP, ‘The Unbereaved’, ‘Refugee Song’ and ’Submerge’.
Ant agreed to film us and Rod Stewart was in charge of herding us into the studio and sound engineering.

Graham Hilling AKA Hillbill agreed to photograph us and be second cameraman.
We have made several videos at home with just two of us doing everything in a very cramped space and it’s a lot easier filming in a proper studio and having other people help with lights, cameras and sound.

Beki: ‘I spent quite a bit of time putting the costumes for the videos together.
The ‘Unbereaved’ video needed two or three characters, the happy innocent unbereaved ‘White’ character and the bereaved ‘Black’ character plus an evil witch type creature and of course Lumpy as the Grim Reaper with a guitar instead of a scythe.
I needed a Britannia outfit for ‘Refugee Song’ and a hooded black outfit for ’Submerge’.

image of Beki as gladiator/Britannia
Beki as gladiator/Britannia

The black outfits were fairly easy to put together but the white was more difficult.
I eventually settled on a Gothic wedding dress but had a few problems with the zip, which tended to stick, so I had to sew hooks and eyes in as the last thing you want when making a video is being stuck inside a Gothic wedding dress when you need to be dressed as Britannia!!

image of Beki in white Gothic wedding dress
Beki in white Gothic wedding dress

Beki’s video outfit is available to buy on the memorabilia page


I already had some Ghengis Khan style armour that I’d made for ‘Keyboard Warriors of Ghengis Khan’ which was gathering dust because we decided not to make a video for that particular song, so all I needed for the Britannia type outfit was a helmet and a toga so I bought a ‘Roman Lady’ fancy dress outfit from Fleabay which was too big for me and necessitated alterations, I hate sewing but you have to do it when you’re the wardrobe mistress.
The helmet I bought had a rather naff short ‘plume’ so I ripped it out and bought some red cyberlox and made a plume from that with elastic bands and gaffer tape.

image of Rod Stewart in Britannia helmet
Rod Stewart in Britannia helmet

Finding a trident proved quite difficult – there were lots of silly little ones available but the only thing that looked like it might be big enough was a fancy dress Aquaman trident which wasn’t really a trident because it had five prongs.
The seller appeared to have forgotten to send it and it didn’t arrive till the evening after the first day’s filming so just in the nick of time.
I used a hot knife to remove the two outside prongs and gaffer taped them to the two inner prongs and voila – a Britannia style plastic and gaffer tape trident!
It took us several months to edit the Unbereaved video, Ant had just moved house and lives about a hundred miles from me so we have to do things remotely.
After many edits we released the video in November 2023, a few days after the EP became available.
So one down two to go….’

image of Beki in black dress and horned head dress
Beki in black dress and horned head dress
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