The Bombshells at Tin Pan Alley studios in Denmark Street back in 1990 recording our one and only single ‘Lonely Secrets’.

Image of The Bombshells in in Pan Alley studios London.
The Bombshells in Tin Pan Alley studios London.

We recorded over night when the studio rates were cheaper and financed it via a loan from Lumpy and Stinky’s boss, the proprietor of Rokas, a music shop across the road from the studio.

It was produced by Jan Circa of Zodiac Mindwarp,Chris Gorham and us (poor Chris had to put up with the band being in the control room and each of them trying to get their own instrument mixed as loud as possible)and it was released on our own label.

The single had a slightly rude label depicting a large set of hairy buttocks around the spindle hole .We didn’t have a label behind us that would pay for expensive advertising in the glossy mags of the day so the single was ignored, which is a shame as it’s rather brilliant for a DIY disc if I do say so myself.



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