Inside ‘West End Stars’

Beki: ‘West End Stars’ was written way back in the nineties and is about the freaks and outcasts of society getting to shine for a few hours in the unending pursuit of the ‘Saturday night swindle’ i.e the hope that the weekend will bring the romance and glory so lacking in the week.

The song was first featured on the ‘Get A Life ‘ album and the company that licensed it from us wanted us to do a ‘clean’ version of the song which resulted in us doing a very sweary version instead. A few years later I re-recorded it with Martin Smith and Nick Coler for the solo album project I was promised in order to persuade me to do a rather crap covers album. Interestingly this version was deemed to be a future hit in ‘Tipster’ magazine but the album was never finished or released.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19 lockdown….with our ‘Battle of Britain’ album release delayed we decided to re-work some old songs for an acoustic project Paul named ‘Vice-O-Lation’. I think ‘West End’ sounds almost ‘Wild West’ with the banjo and violin parts, it’s very different from the electric stomping version.

Paul filmed me in the studio for the video and we sent the footage to Ant Overman to edit together with scenes of bright lights and colourful characters, I think he did a fantastic job!

Paul: The song is about our experiences in Soho in the late 80’s onwards, it was mainly Glam Rockers and Punks in our day, but the vibe encompasses the past too, the dark, grimy, dirty fingernails, jazz clubs, drug deals, gangsters and sleazy sex club side of things easily found beneath the flashing lights and welcoming veneer of glitz and glamour.

The Country Wild West came out a bit in the music and Beki’s hat was a nod to that, so it is a mismatch of things that somehow we hoped could be glued together visually in the video.

Save all your money for a rainy night Saturday night swindle, that’s alright Can’t stand the stay at home solitude The bright lights call saying “we want you”

Out on the town with the West End stars Out of the gutter and into the bars Short lived sensation to be who you are For one night only you’re a West End star, West End star

Go for the glory of the old glam rags Cross dressing up time for the boys in drag Don’t give a fuck for the gender rules ‘Cause bright lights call they’re saying “We want you”

Playing your part you know the world’s a stage Life’s too short for you to act your age No rehearsal and there’s no excuse The bright lights call saying “we want you”

Stars, West End stars

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