‘Sniffing Glue’ is the closest we’ve got to writing a love song and tells of taking speed and endeavouring to be ‘crusty’, which was considered to be very cool. I did actually wear a coke can ring on my finger but had no intention of getting married.

Some of us young punks would slash at our arms with razor blades, this backfired on me when I was 14 or 15 travelling from Bristol to Bath on a bus with some friends. I started to scratch at my arm with a razor blade when the bus jolted and the blade dug deep into my forearm. The friend I was sat next to was a trainee nurse and she deemed the cut bad enough to warrant a trip to the A&E department of Bath hospital where I was duly stitched by a large disapproving nurse who asked if I was going to a Hallowe’en party. I assume this was because of my heavy eyeliner and unusual dress sense.

I remember an early morning trip in a van a from the squat in Bristol to a venue in Stoke to see Discharge and when we got back my then boyfriend smashed one of the walls with a sledge hammer.

We used to drop acid and then go to the ‘Blues’ club which was basically an illegal drinking den set up in a garage in St Pauls by an old Jamaican guy. I didn’t partake in the actual glue sniffing as I figured I needed full lung capacity to sing.I still have the scar from the bus incident.


Amphetamine rush adolescent crush Teenage punks hanging out with crust Sealed our engagement with a coke can ring Love’s young nightmare didn’t mean a thing

Stuck on you Stuck with you You’re sniffing glue And I’m stuck with you

Emotional harm cutting self abuse Scars on our arms only speak the truth A badge of honour like an old tattoo Dropping acid trips going down the blues

Stuck on you Stuck with you You’re sniffing glue And I’m stuck with you

Needles and pins bags of Evo-Stik Jacking up speed on a rubbish tip In a drunk rage smashed up all he’d got Took a sledge hammer to the walls of the squat

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