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‘Antisocial Insecurity’ was written back in the early 2000s and was featured on ‘Rich and Famous’ and ‘Defiant’. The song is about poverty and the drudgery of very low paid work and the humiliation of having to claim benefits.

People with low socio-economic status have far less freedom than wealthier people and tend to be looked down on, hence the line ‘There’s no liberty for low life low wage, prostitution of another kind’. Poor people are excluded from things others take for granted. The song specifically targets landlords who build their fortunes off the backs of others and alludes to the fact that underprivileged people tend to be more generous than the wealthy and that the ever-widening gulf between the haves and have nots means there is less chance of empathy and understanding.

The character in the song survives on the dream of a better life some time in the future.
Tahira Abdullah said ‘Poverty has a woman’s face’ so we used that theme when editing the video.

The rent is overdue the phone’s stopped ringing
And the bills are coming through the door
She never ever seems to make a living
Everybody else is making more

Antisocial in security
She had a dream to keep her company
She can’t buy into your reality
She ain’t got the money

So nothing changes, go to do it their way
Desperation makes you wait in line
There’s no liberty for low life low wage
Prostitution of another kind

Stealing houses while the poor go homeless
Money grabbing fucking parasite
The sweat of other brows has paid the mortgage
Even more the rich and poor divide

Antisocial in security
She had a dream to keep her company
She’d give a million to charity
She ain’t got the money

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