‘Hidden Vices’ volume 1 is a collection of 3 demo songs and a remix from the Vice Squad archives.
‘Soho Saturday’ was written circa 2004 and is about the characters that haunted the clubs of London’s Soho at the time.
We were regulars at the Marquee, the Astoria and the Wag and a few dodgy illegal drinking clubs too.
This is the second song we wrote with this title but neither was released.
The original demo version of ‘Spitfire’ was written and recorded around 2004 but not released though a later version was included on the ‘Unreleased’ album.

This version of ’You Can’t Do That’ is the original demo and has also never been been released before. The song was re-recorded for the ’Defiant’ album. ‘The Story Of My Life’ Remix is one of 4 strange remixes we discovered on an old tape.

Image of Vice squad Hidden Vices Volume 1 CD EP Front and back cover
Hidden Vices Volume 1 CD EP


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