London Underground 2009

Studs and Punks 5 stars out of 5

Vice squads punk rock loyalty and general attitude have really impressed me over the years, and having listened to London Underground, their music shows that they well and truly deserve to be up there on the podium as one of the greats of all time. I guess if there was an equivalent award for Punk lifetime achievement, my vote would go in this direction, and I am pretty sure that I would  need to rig the ballet box.

Review from Profane Existence

This is a nice pogo dancing punk album that should be part of your collection. All the songs are just under three minutes long so no long wank fests here, just tight, punchy, get to the point songs, the way punk rock needs to be. This album can stand with their older albums and make you glad to be into old school punk without any apologies. The production is clear and crisp, but not so smooth that it ruins the listening experience at all, great lyrics on this one too!  All the lyrics are included inside, a great cartoon punk cover picture is on the cover and the vinyl is nice and thick, nothing cheap about this release at all. If you ever get the chance to see VICE SQUAD in concert…DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! (RickE)


Image of Vice Squad London Underground album front cover
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