Defiant 2006

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There are tons of great songs on this album. The melodic anthem, “Don’t Let the B***ards Grind You Down” has all of the qualities of a true old school anthem, with all of its message and energy, paired with a chorus that will easily get a crowd pumping its collective fist. “Defiant” has a catchy riff that reminds me a bit of “Summertime Blues” for a moment, and then digs deep into an ’80s-era punk hook and yet-another fist-pumping chorus. It’s nice to hear that time hasn’t mellowed Beki Bondage, but has made her a better singer teamed up with better musicians who can keep it together as they hammer out tight thrash riffs. While she occasionally sounds like more than a few different ’80s icons, the band always lets you know this is old school British hardcore punk – played a lot better than many of the bands did it when they were first trying it.


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