Battle Of Britain

‘Thirteen stabs of violence and vitriol ably mixing Punk and Metal in a cacophony of riffs. Its like the last 30 years have never happened and the genres are once again on the verge of stifling each other. ‘Poverty Face’ and ‘Pulling Teeth will set your dials for you, no question about it.’

Review of Battle Of Britain in the Vive le Rock best albums of 2020.

‘A full-on, no holds barred, impassioned assault, us-versus-them, high octane, good-natured but ferociously angry punk setting up barricades, choosing sides, fighting the harsh fight no matter what the odds’

Classic Rock

Vice Squad ‘Battle of Britain’ Last Rockers Records Release date: 16th October 2020

  • Beki Bond Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Paul Rooney Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Wayne Firefly Bass/Backing Vocals
  • Bongo Basterd Drums

All songs written by Bond/Rooney except ’Nimrod’ composed by Edward Elgar.

Recorded at Sci-Fidelity Studios, London

Produced by Beki Bond and Paul Rooney
Mixed and engineered by Paul Rooney

Mastered by Dave Blackman at Hiltongrove
Cover art and sleeve design Landon Armstrong
Promo photos and Inglorious photo by Graham Hilling

White Vinyl and black vinyl LP

CD presented in 3 panel digi pack with pull out poster/lyric sheet

Track Listing

1. Ruination
2. I Dare To Breathe
3. When You Were Seventeen
4. Ignored To Death
5. Born In A War
6. Nimrod
7. Battle of Britain
8. Poverty Face
9. How The Other Half Lives
10.No Evil
11.Main Stream Media
12.You Can’t Fool All Of The People
13.Pulling Teeth

image of Vice squad Battle of Britain album cover
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