‘Battle of Britain’ review by Odymetal

We are talking about VICE SQUAD releasing their new album “Battle Of Britain”, composed, recorded and mixed by Beki and Paul Rooney, guitarist since 1997, in their personal studio. Beki Bond, the singer and guitarist has a distinct and slightly croaky voice which she can modulate on the various titles, without ever losing intensity.

On the hyper tonic track “Pulling Teeth”, there are little vocals, all surrounded by energetic solos, it is a song that hits hard and enables Beki to demonstrate her stunning vocal capacities. Imagine a cocktail mixing SEX PISTOLS and GREEN DAY, that would be pretty cool. To the very pleasant, fluid and unifying melodies along to the communicative energy, add vocal variations, choirs, the personal touch of the two composers, not to mention a metal touch (which brings a punchy taste) and you get nothing but happiness!

There is a metal touch on “Ruination” which will titillate you and make you immediately understand that the album deserves its place as a good vintage. This metal touch can sometimes become heavier like on “Born In A War”, “Battle Of Britain” or “No Evil”. Note, the small instrumental sympho “Nimrod” (Adagio), taken from Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations”, is a title that finds its place on this album …

Not to be missed, the unexpected, surprising and sophisticated “You Can’t fool All Of The People” with piano and violin to top it up, no doubt a future hit and a must for live performances. In terms of lyrics, “Battle Of Britain” delivers a powerful message denouncing the harmful influence of the mainstream media, “Born In A War” tells the tale of innocent children born among wars and destruction and “No Evil” is a powerful attack against the normalization of the suffering and death of billions of animals for the meat industry.

Note that teenage Beki was already into animal rights long before it went global. I discovered the band with this track that stands right out and frankly, the band really deserves to be put in the spotlight. All tracks are inspired and different in style, the metal touch brings energy and, funny enough, an impression of novelty.

This album will remain for me one of the greatest achievements in the punk rock genre.
It is a must have, just like the previous releases of the band.

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