A Look Back At 2022

We started the year off with re-recording some old Vice Squad classics and remixing Battle of Britain favourite ‘Born In A War’ – sadly events in the Ukraine made this particular song even more relevant.

In March the ‘Humane’ 3 track digital EP was released via Bandcamp and thanks to the generosity of fans raised over £2,500 for animals in the Ukraine.

We then wrote two new songs – ‘Rooms at the Top’ and ‘Keyboard Warriors of Genghis Khan’ and these along with reboots of ‘Voice of the people’ and ‘Scarred For Life’ became the Rooms At The Top CD EP which was released in April 2022 with a Champagne label style sticker.

A promo video for ‘Rooms At The Top’ was cut from live footage of the band.

August 2022 saw the release of two limited edition CD EPs ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Hidden Vices Volume 1′.‘Bang Bang Bang’ featured two new songs, the title track and ‘Killjoy’ plus reboots of ‘Punk Rock Radio’ and ‘Resurrection’.
The sleeve artwork was drawn by Tyler Sowles and the CD came with a glossy A3 poster.
Promo videos for ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Killjoy’ were also released.

‘Hidden Vices Volume 1’ was released the same month and featured early 2000s song ’Soho Saturday’, the original demo of live favourite ’Spitfire’, the original demo of ‘You Can’t Do that’ and a remix of ‘The Story Of My Life’ from the Defiant album.
This CD also came with a glossy A3 poster and lyric videos for ’Soho Saturday’ and ‘The Story Of My Life’ were also released.

In late November we released ‘The Winter Of Discontent’ CD EP along with a special Christmas Card drawn by Landon Armstrong.
The EP featured fresh recordings/remixes of ‘You Don’t Fool Me’ ‘Christmas Has Been Cancelled ‘ ‘A Dog Is For Life’ ‘Band’ and ’End Of Story’. The first 125 copies also came with a ‘Christmas Has Been Cancelled’ badge.

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